So I finally have a site…

I have had this name, “studio random,” for years to use in social media to show off what little I’ve been creating over the years. Kept trying to start a website to go with it, never got around to that completely. For one thing, wasn’t happy with the layout. Then I went and lost my favorite WordPress theme, which finally broke on a recent(ish) WP update because the theme itself hadn’t been updated in years. I thought I might use a paid theme instead but it turns out the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme is probably going to do everything I need it to do, so with a few tweaks to the CSS, I should be good to go for a while.

I am not sure what things will look like for the next little while. I started out doing fan art back before that was a term, and back in the ’90s that was rock musicians. Now it’s expanded to cover all sorts of fandoms, especially in books and film and TV, and here I am way too far out of practice. I mean, you see the baby Adipose from Doctor Who that I’m using for my header illustration here. It’s rough. But with some REGULAR practice, maybe I’ll smooth over a lot of the rough spots.

Also, I can’t do much digital right now. Don’t have the proper equipment for it. I’ll have to be creative til I solve that problem.

Anyway. Stick around. We’ll see what I get up to.