new mug design: NOT PAINT WATER

I’m still dancing around the whole Doing Fan Art thing even though half my brain wants to do it (maybe the secret is I have to get my whole brain to want to do it?), but this idea occurred to me today, so I ran with it.

Okay. You painters out there. I mean art painters, not house painters. I doubt you house painters have a problem with this — your brushes are too big. And that’s when you’re not using rollers.

You art painters, though. I will explain this for the muggles because you know exactly what I am talking about. After several passes of rinsing your paintbrush out in your paint water, it gets to looking a bit… coffee-ish after a while. Right?

Not a problem if you don’t drink coffee.

BIG problem if you do.

So, you need this mug. YOU NEEEEEDS IT, PRECIOUS.

Sorry that this is at Cafe Press instead of RedBubble. Reasons. Never mind. Click on the pic to get you there.

Not Paint Water coffee mug

Just remember to put the coffee in here, NOT the PAINT WATER. Geddit?

I am debating whether to add a reversed version. Some people are left-handed, some people prefer to have the design facing away from them rather than toward them, etc. If you got here from Instagram and you have an opinion on the matter, go back there to the post with this mug on it and let me know what you think. Thanks!

P.S. This is dishwasher-safe on the top rack. Which is a big deal because I remember when you couldn’t put Cafe Press mugs in the dishwasher at all. Yay!


This is my art site. I’ve started and restarted it over and over for years. In the past couple years I even had to pay the hosting service to get it out of redemption because I had left the domain name expired for too long. Let’s stop doing silly stuff like that and actually do something with this site. What do you say?

Oh, wait, that’s my responsibility?



Here we go.